Fredo Fox in a nursery school in the Dominican Republic

Fredo Fox in a nursery school in the Dominican Republic

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Fredo Fox has just arrived from one of his trips. The little supportive fox has traveled to the Dominican Republic to visit friends of Futuro Vivo, a non-governmental organization that develops projects to help children and young people living in unfavorable social and economic conditions.

It is a fantastic project that helps children and their families to live with dignity. Fredo Fox visits the Futuro Vivo nursery school to see how little ones learn and how their lives have improved thanks to it.

The little fox Fredo Fox has recorded a documentary in a nursery school in the Dominican Republic to teach us how, thanks to comprehensive education community projects, the most disadvantaged children and their families live a little better. These are comprehensive initiatives because they address everything that affects the child: education, health, family and community.

At the Futuro Vivo nursery school, children not only have the possibility of accessing training, but also carry out interesting workshops to stimulate their creativity, imagination and skills.

Fredo fox It shows us how the fathers and mothers of the children also have a place in the school as they participate in cooking tasks, plant the garden or clean the classrooms. In addition, the little fox spoke with those responsible for Futuro Vivo who told him how they work to generate projects and implement initiatives such as expand classrooms, improve children's homes, or build latrines.

And it is that, as Fredo Fox teaches us, if communities advance and improve, children will be happier and more prepared, because after all, development cooperation is nothing more than generate opportunities.

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