Saint Hermenegildo Day, April 13. Names for boys

Saint Hermenegildo Day, April 13. Names for boys

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Hermenegildo is a name for a boy of Germanic origin that means "strong warrior", which gives us an idea of ​​the influence that this name will have on the personality of your child.

It is a name with a long Visigothic tradition, which currently does not enjoy much popularity, but which has all the strength to be revitalized by today's parents. He celebrates his name day on April 13, which is the day of San Hermenegildo.

By the meaning of his name, Hermenegildo implies an energetic and combative character. His vigor and strength are demonstrated in his incessant struggle to ensure the well-being of those around him, for which Hermegildo is a person who knows how to win the favor and trust of others. In addition, Hermenegildo, enjoys great sensitivity and emotion, characteristics that promote his capacity for seduction.

The name Hermegildo is known in all languages, although its use is not very frequent. Wrapped in a Visigothic air, Hermenegildo transports us to those legends of the Goth kings, the Muslims and the reconquest. Thus, it belongs to that group of medieval names that delight modern parents trying to rescue all its prestige.

The name of your son begins historically with San Hermenegildo, a Visigothic prince, brother of Recaredo, who denied Arianism thus favoring the permanence of Christianity in the Iberian Peninsula. After him, many noble families liked to use this name for their children, a custom that survived for centuries.

More up to date, we meet the renowned Catalan painter belonging to the current of Impressionism, Hermenegildo Anglada Camarasa. But to show all the glamor that traditional names are capable of transmitting, we find the prestigious men's fashion brand, Ermenegildo Zegna.

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