Mothers are more involved in caring for children than fathers

Mothers are more involved in caring for children than fathers

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At school I continue to see more mothers picking up their children than fathers, in the hypermarket there are also more women than men shopping with their children around the cart and in the park there are also more moms who spend time sharing games with our children. Therefore, it is not surprising that the reality that I see every day coincides with the complaints of my friends and colleagues, and also with data from studies and surveys.

According to a study by the La Caixa Foundation, carried out with data extracted from a survey on the living conditions of the child population in Spain, only 7 percent of Spanish parents are equally involved or to a greater extent than mothers in caring for their children and this little involvement of the father between the ages of 0 and 10, according to experts, increases the probability that the children will have school disaffection (problems following a subject, lack of concentration or school failure), low emotional competence (sadness, discomfort or aggressiveness) and higher rates of obesity.

And it is that the reconciliation of work and family life continues to generate tensions in families, which decrease with responsible parenthood. According to the responses given by the women, the 43.9 percent of fathers exercise responsible parenthood, which represents a significant advance towards equality, since the study also highlights that the 69 percent of Spanish men currently advocate an egalitarian family model or symmetrical, although one in four still believes that women should stop working while their children are out of school.

The change in mentality is also present in the evidence that a growing number of young families have abandoned the reluctance to leave their children in the care of educators in nursery schools, in such a way that relatives or grandparents are no longer used as much for the care of babies and children. Thus, the study reveals that 44 percent of parents of children up to two years old, take their children to daycare and 66 percent of Spaniards under 35 years of age believe that this is the best option.

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