Hotels and restaurants for children in Rome

Hotels and restaurants for children in Rome

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Finding hotels for families can be a long task, as they have to be adapted to the needs of children, and the same happens with food and restaurants. Here are some tips for choosing the best accommodation in Rome.

There are many different options that adapt to what suits us best, depending on whether we are traveling with babies, small children or teenagers, there are hotels or apartments with special rates, and many restaurants with a children's menu.

Rome is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, so it is possible that at any time of the year you may find it difficult to find accommodation, especially if there are several of you in the family.

That is why the best recommendation is to look for accommodation in advance and spend time investigating the different options and choosing the one that best suits our needs.

We can opt for a hotel, the most comfortable option, but it can be more expensive than alternatives such as bed & breakfasts or apartments.

When choosing the best area to find accommodation, you can find better located or quieter options, especially if we go with babies.

Termini, the station area, is not as dangerous as the fame it garnered a few decades ago, although it is better not to go out too late around the station. However, it is very well located.

The historic center or Trastevere neighborhood also offer many options for hotels and apartments.

When choosing a hotel or apartment, the most important thing is not that it is close to the monuments, since the price will rise a lot, but that it is in a well-connected area.

Italian gastronomy is one of the most popular in the world. It is part of the so-called Mediterranean diet and is one of the ones that children like the most.

Pasta and pizza, two of the children's favorite dishes, originate from Italy, and in Rome everyone will enjoy eating.

The large number of restaurants and small street stalls allow us to enjoy some of the most typical Italian cuisine at very affordable prices.

Remember to always look at the menu carefully, and see if they have a children's menu, something quite common in tourist areas.

In addition to the many pasta and pizza dishes, with different ingredients and sauces, there are other options such as salads, carpaccio, focaccia ...

Special mention should be made of ice creams, which we can enjoy at any time of the year, since ice cream parlors are not limited to open during hot months.

Artisan ice creams are common, made following their own recipes and children will ask for them at all times. They can be a good reward for the long walks that await us through the city.

The restaurant hours are generally similar to those of European cities, and being a tourist place the kitchens may be open for most of the day, but it is better to have some located for when the children begin to show signs of fatigue .

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