GuiaInfantil is the first educational multichannel on YouTube

GuiaInfantil is the first educational multichannel on YouTube

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A dream come true is GuiaInfantil Network, the first educational content network in YoutubeFor many parents and educators, we have been asking for a digital educational and entertainment platform that is safe for all family members for so long.

Children can find fun and entertainment in songs, series, stories, crafts, games, recipes for children and other activities, at the same time they can learn by taking an interest in a wide variety of content in terms of toys, learning, study techniques, new technologies, English and sports, among others. At the same time, parents will be able to find new ideas and quality information on numerous topics related to family leisure, parenting, nutrition, baby and the health of children and adults. Thus, we will find complete information, presented in a pleasant and direct way, about pregnancy, techniques to get pregnant, childbirth, hygiene and nutrition.

The news has had a great impact on all the media, including El newspaper de Cataluña, Europa Press, El Economista, Noticias de Guipuzcoa and, which have echoed the creation of this new digital platform, the first in its creation, of educational and entertainment content for the whole family., the leading digital magazine in education and health content for children (from 0 to 6 years old), has created on YouTube the first network of educational resource channels for parents and teachers, called GuiaInfantil Network.

The channel brings together different partners (users of the YouTube community who have an active channel on YouTube and monetize it through advertising) of a family nature, educational, children's entertainment and information for the whole family.

The purpose of this new network is to offer online children's guides with a wide variety of educational content aimed at Spain and the Spanish-speaking world, and among which are videos on education (languages, sports, artistic education), entertainment (stories for children, prescriptions), health (pregnancy, pediatrics, psychology, dental and visual health), etc.

The new channel, which was launched at the end of 2011, is the most visited in the parenting category. GuiaInfantil has more than 320 million viewed videos and more than 10 million visits per month on YouTube.

GuiaInfantil Network is open to all channels of companies, institutions and professionals that produce original content for children's education and family entertainment and related topics such as pregnancy, babies, health, education and children's entertainment. Those interested can request more information and join the network at

GuíaInfantil Network has the support of the World Association of Early Childhood Educators (AMEI-WAECE), a non-profit organization established as a movement for pedagogical renewal of early childhood education (0 to 6 years old). AMEI is also in contact for this project with institutions such as ATEI (Association of Ibero-American Educational and Cultural Televisions), REDEM (World Educational Network), OEA (Organization of American States) or Associations of Parents of Students, Universities and other networks of early childhood education professionals. is a leading digital magazine in educational information for parents with 3.7 million unique visits per month (Nielsen-OJD). For more information visit The GuiaInfantil channel on YouTube is available in Spanish, English, French, German and Portuguese and has reached more than 310 million visits to date.

YouTube is the most popular online video community in the world, enabling millions of people to discover, watch and share videos on a daily basis. YouTube provides a forum where people can connect, learn about, and inspire others around the world, and serves as a distribution platform for original content creators and advertisers of any size. YouTube, LLC is based in San Bruno, California and is a subsidiary of Google Inc.

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